Protect Our Water Alliance (POWA) is an independent grassroots initiative started by a group of concerned citizen activists from varied backgrounds. Its purpose is to raise awareness about environmental health concerns regarding fluoride and fluorine compounds, and potentially other water- and toxicity-related issues, using electronic campaigns to inform and inspire individuals and organizations throughout the United States and beyond.  So far, POWA campaigns have challenged the wisdom of the public policy and practice of water fluoridation.

At the present time, POWA has suspended its campaigns.  Our petition, “Re-examining Fluoridation”, amassed signatures from approximately 11,350 individuals and from 50 organizations!  We are grateful to all who signed and for their heartfelt comments.  As this petition supported the efforts of the EPA Union of Professionals to call on Congress to conduct a full investigation into the public policy of water fluoridation, and to issue a moratorium on the practice while this investigation is taking place, we have forwarded these petition signatures to the EPA Union Headquarters in Washington, DC for them to use as they see fit.


We have suspended our current campaigns due to changes in circumstances among the POWA team members as well as the start of other similar activist initiatives.  POWA itself will remain and Alliance members (signatories who asked for updates) will still receive occasional informative emails.  Meanwhile, POWA will be regrouping and expects to sponsor other campaigns at a later time.  If you would like to sign a different petition concerning fluoridation, please go to (the Fluoride Action Network site).


If you are looking for specific kinds of help related to water fluoridation or fluoride poisoning here are some contact suggestions:


Here are a few highly reputable websites where you will find information on fluoride and fluoridation.


Fluoride Action Network


An International Coalition to End Water Fluoridation and Alert People to Fluoride's Health and Environmental Risks


Second Look


A Rational Approach to Controversial Public Policy Issues


Check out Second Look's comprehensive BIBLIOGRAPHY of scientific literature



Fluoride: Protected Pollutant or Panacea?


Are the claimed benefits of ingesting fluoride over-rated and the risks to our health and eco-system under-reported?


Keepers of the Well


Preserved through stewardship...

Maintained with respect, vigilance and action




The following are websites concerning fluoride poisoning and health-affected.


FTRC WebCenter


Second Look’s website-within-a-website dealing exclusively with fluoride poisoning/illness in individuals.


Fluoride Poisoning Support Group


The intention of this site is for FLUORIDE POISONED persons to share their experiences and support.  Options are to discuss symptoms, feelings, diagnoses, treatments, related conditions, and available research on the subject.  At this time, there is no other such site available on the Web.